We are forming a new company to develop immunotherapies for cancer. We are currently seeking funding.  If you are an investor, or wish to support cancer research, we would like to hear from you.



Rogue Life Sciences is a new company formed by two PhD scientists to develop immunotherapies for cancer.  We are proposing to design, construct and test a round of cancer therapeutics up to human clinical trials.  We anticipate that this will require approximately 5 years to complete, based on our defined milestones, although this can be expedited significantly by taking advantage of existing technology.  Our total budget will be approximately 1-2 million dollars, depending on investor preferences.  We are currently seeking investors and collaborators and we are considering all options. These may include:

  • Partnership with an existing biotech company
  • Individual investors (motivated by philanthropic reasons, profit, or both)
  • A venture capital firm
  • Crowd sourcing

Below is a brief discussion of what we’re hoping to do.  We hope you’ll look it over and let us know what you’re thinking.


At present, we are a team of only two – that’s all we need. The research we’re proposing doesn’t require a lot of people, what it does require is knowledge, creativity, rational and critical thinking, intelligence and integrity. We cannot prove that we are the best at anything, or that we will be able to cure cancer, no one in our position can. However, we do have PhDs in biomedical science and immunology and years of post doctoral experience in molecular biology and cancer immunotherapy at top research institutions in the United States. We know that we have exceptional talent and that is why we began this venture together. The academic system is broken and if we continue to take a conventional path, we will not achieve what we are capable of and we “shall be telling this with a sigh, somewhere ages and ages hence”. If we didn’t believe that we have something very special to offer, we would happily get jobs, lead comfortable lives and never think too deeply about what could have been. Instead, we are willing to forego these opportunities and to hinge our livelihood on our own success or failure. We have spent our lives learning and we are ready to begin applying that knowledge.


We are entering a new phase in medicine where the immune system will be used extensively in the fight against cancer. This approach is known as cancer immunotherapy and it is already working. In fact, the prestigious journal Science heralded cancer immunotherapy as the “Breakthrough of the Year” in 2013, with recent clinical trials having returned extraordinary results and complete remissions achieved in some patients with “incurable” cancers. Importantly, cancer immunotherapy has the potential to achieve these results for virtually all cancers. You don’t have to take our word for it. Advances in immunotherapy are happening all the time and one way to learn more is simply to type the following into Google: immunotherapy + news. Some success stories can also be seen here:

These are early days in a rapidly expanding field.  Although cancer immunotherapy has been around for a long time, a variety of biomedical advances necessary for its success have recently been made and commercialization of these therapeutics is in its infancy.


Since we are beginning without any existing patents, legal agreements, or stakeholders, we have the opportunity to develop immunotherapies from the ground up and the freedom to choose an approach that best meets our investor/s objectives. We are able to make strategic decisions about all aspects of the therapeutic development process from the start. We understand the critical importance of developing intellectual property that is sound, that can be protected and that has the potential for long term returns. We are committed to doing things right from the start.


We offer an option in which 100% of your money will be put toward finding a cure for cancer. By comparison, only a fraction of money donated to charities makes its way to research. Most cancer charities have substantial marketing and administrative costs and allocate only a portion of their budgets to research programs. Some figures for the largest cancer charity in North America, the American Cancer Society, can be seen here. In addition, the universities and institutions which receive funds from charities typically deduct “overhead” costs, note that a 50% fee is not unusual. When all things are considered, the amount that is ultimately left for research can be very small. In contrast, our entire budget will be spent on research. We will not spend money on marketing, other than the small amount required to maintain this website, which will continue to come from our own pockets. We do not require administration and the modest budget allocated to salaries will go toward scientists only.


We will only perform research that is directed at developing therapeutics to treat cancer, this is called applied research.  In contrast, much of the research performed at academic institutions is conducted in order to improve our understanding of a natural phenomenon, but there is no intent that the knowledge gained have a practical use, this is called basic research.  We do not argue the importance, or long-term value of investing in basic research, but to be clear, we will direct 100% of our efforts to developing cancer therapeutics.


In the event that are we are funded through crowd sourcing, we will provide daily updates on our activities using social media, including: YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. We also have a number of other ideas to involve our audience in the work we are doing.


Scientists at academic institutions can and do profit (personal financial gain) if their research is commercialized, but the people who funded this research through charitable donations, don’t receive anything. We offer an alternative, in which you invest directly in us and you profit if/when we do. This eliminates the middleman (the charity) and brings you into direct contact with the people doing the work.


Anyone whose life has been touched by cancer knows what a terrible disease it is. We both entered the biomedical research field a long time ago and worked extremely hard through our graduate and post doctoral work. We understand this disease and how to fight it, we are as ready as we’ll ever be. We can’t make any guarantees of success – no one in our position can – but we do guarantee that we want to see a cure for cancer as bad as you do and we will devote our hearts and minds to finding a cure. We have the right expertise at the right time and we have a real chance of success. If you are in a position to support our research, we are ready, willing and able to do something remarkable. Welcome, ask us anything.